Custom Vision with Eyhance IOL

Cataract surgery involves the removal of the cloudy lens(cataract) and replacement with a clear intraocular lens(IOL). Insurance covers the placement of a monofocal IOL, which gives vision at only one (mono) location, usually being distance. However, in February 2020 the FDA approved a new IOL, Tecnis Eyhance IOL, that gives a range of vision in both distance and intermediate(arm's length, computer) vision. In the past, this range of vision was achieved with a multifocal IOL that can be associated with glare and halos due to circular rings in the IOL. The good news is that Tecnis Eyhance gives a nice range of vision without any glare or haloes because there are no circular rings present in this IOL. At Berry Stewart Eye Center, we combine this new generation IOL with using technology in the OR called ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis). This allows us to take a measurement of the eye after the cataract is removed to improve accuracy and increase the chances of your being free of prescription glasses after surgery, only needing over the counter readers for small print.

Patient Testimonials

"It's been great being a patient of Dr. Berry's. I have not had to put on a pair of glasses since I had my custom vision surgery using the Eyhance IOL. Dr. Berry is very personable. I felt very comfortable talking with him. The staff is friendly and very willing to answer all of my questions. You just don't find that at a lot of places. I think that is VERY important!"
Gaye Hampton