One of the nice aspects of cataract surgery is we can choose the location of focus for each eye. With monovision, we typically aim for distance vision in the dominant eye and near vision with the non-dominant eye. Most of our patients that choose this "blended vision" have the non-dominant eye focus about arm's length which works well for many practical needs such as computer, dashboard, menus in restaurant, etc. Having the focus more arm's length rather than close vision allows the two eyes to still work well together and is very well tolerated by the brain.

The one disadvantage of monovision is the loss of depth perception as the two eyes are not exactly the same. Having the non-dominant eye targeted for arm's length rather than close vision helps maintain functional depth perception. Prescription glasses can still be worn, if desired, to give the patient depth perception for any activity, near or far. Most patients are willing to tolerate this loss of depth perception for the nice benefit of not having to be a slave to glasses for most activities.

The monofocal lenses used to create surgical monovision are covered by Medicare and private insurance. If you also have astigmatism and wish to have it corrected at the time of cataract surgery, you may need to consider having the Toric lens implanted(see Toric section on website). Please understand that Medicare and private insurers do not cover the costs of surgery to correct astigmatism and that this represents an additional expense.

Patient Testimonials

"I didn't know what all I was missing in my vision until now. It is great to be able to see so well. I chose the monovision with my right eye distance and my left eye arm's length vision. Now I am almost glasses free(only using over the counter readers for small print). I knew I was in good hands for this cataract surgery from Dr. Berry's prayer at the pre-op visit. The surgery was absolutely pain-free. The surgery center staff was very professional and caring. I couldn't be more pleased. Again, thanks to you and your office staff who have always been so helpful."
Ruby Barnes
"I am very, very pleased with my cataract surgery. I can now see everything without any glasses. I chose to have monovision. I see distance with my right eye and close with my left eye. I forget which one sees which because I forget unless I close one eye . They work together to see everything. My bible is small print and I have no problem seeing how to read it. It only took me about a day to get used to the monovision. Colors are so bright now, white used to look beige and now it is bright white."
Glenda Self